February 24-25, 2012





President – Blaine Browne, Broward College

President-Elect – Sean McMahon, Florida Gateway College

Treasurer – Jesse Hingson, Jacksonville University

Secretary – David Proctor, Tallahassee Community College


Nicola Foote, Florida Gulf Coast University -- Editor, Annals of the

Florida Conference of Historians




Hello and welcome to Lake City for the 52nd Annual Florida Conference of Historians. As the “Gateway to Florida,” Lake City is situated at the crossroads of commerce and it has been in this position for many years. I hope you will take some time to explore our historic downtown, or the many recreational opportunities in our area.


I am proud that Florida Gateway College is the host institution for this year’s conference. We are now a four-year school and we are proud of our reputation as one of the most engaged, and veteran-friendly, colleges in the nation.  We strive to provide superior, affordable education for our five county district in North Central Florida and to our students throughout the country and around the world!


The Division of Liberal Arts and Sciences successfully prepares students for university transfer in a variety of majors … and our students who go on to major in History at Florida universities earn GPA’s above native University students.  I know you will be rewarded with this opportunity to hear about the latest trends in historical research and pedagogy. 


Enjoy the conference, and again FGC and Lake City welcome you to our area.





Brian G. Dopson, Ed.D.


Division of Liberal Arts and Sciences







Thursday, February 23rd


Early Registration 6-9 p.m. Hotel Lobby


The “Santa Fe” Room and the patio behind it, is open for our use during this time.


Refreshments on your own.



Friday, February 24th


7:30 a.m. Ongoing Registration Hotel Lobby

Complimentary Continental Breakfast in the Hotel Lounge


8:00 a.m. Session 1


Session 1a.Santa Fe Room.

The Law and Slavery in the Antebellum South


“The Life of Joshua G. Clarke, Mississippi’s First Chancellor”

J. Calvitt Clarke, Jacksonville University


“Judging Against the Grain? Reading Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Joshua G. Clarke’s Views on Slavery Law in Context”

Andrew Fede, Independent Scholar


“’Offenses Committed by Slaves Should be Speedily Punished’: The Campaign for Summary Courts for Slaves in Florida, 1822-1864”

Craig Buettinger, Jacksonville University


Chair / Discussant: Mike Denham, Florida Southern College













9:30 a.m. Session 2


Session 2a.Santa Fe Room.

The Civil War



“’The Rights, Causes, and Necessity: The Contextualization of Slavery and the Middle Florida Plantation Frontier Within the Secession Crisis”

Lauren Thompson, Florida State University


“The ‘Irreconcilable Conflict’ and the Political Economy of the Civil War”

Wesley Decker, New College of Florida



Chair/Discussant: Seth Weitz, Dalton State College



Session 2b.Suwannee Room South.

Ancient and Modern Women’s History


“Portraying the Female in Late Antiquity: Women and the Feminine in the Poetry of Prudentius

Lydia Epple, Florida Gulf Coast University


“The Role and Contribution of Women in the Canal Zone”

Ginger Kalinsky, Florida Gulf Coast University


Chair/Discussant: Patricia Farless, University of Central Florida






11:00 a.m. Session 3



Session 3a.Santa Fe Room.


Modern Florida Environmental History


 “Voices from the Stream: An Oral History of Working-Class Environmentalism on the St Johns River, 1960-2000”
Charles E. Closman, University of North Florida


“Sunbelt Environmentalism: Post-World War 2 Environmentalism in Everglades National Park”

Chris Wilhelm, Tallahassee Community College / Florida State University


Chair/Discussant: Jesse Hingson, Jacksonville University




Session 3b.Suwannee Room South.

Developments in the Cold War World


“The Cold War and American Religion: How Dr. Billy Graham and Bishop Fulton Sheen Responded to the Early Cold War”

Michael Epple, Florida Gulf Coast University


“Reflecting on Contending Interpretations of the South African Border War, 1966-1989”

Albert J. Venter, University of Johannesburg


“Beautiful Game, Ugly Conversations: The Cultural Politics of Soccer in the U.S.”

Andrew Kotick, New College of Florida


Chair/Discussant: Heather Parker, St Leos University







12:30 – 2:00

Lunch on your own

FCH officers will meet in the Olustee Room for the annual business meeting.



2:00 p.m. Session 4


Session 4a.Santa Fe Room.

Trends in Postwar Florida


“If You Are Hungry, Why Hold Out for a Steak? Reapportionment and the New Florida Constitution of 1968”

Seth Weitz, Dalton State College


“Sell Everything, Come Quickly to Florida, the Land of Milk and Honey: Jewish Motivations to Settle in South Florida, Post-WW2 to the Present”

David Trevino, Donna Klein Jewish Academy / Barry University


“Pioneering Journalist Beverley Morales: Redefining Womens Page Content in 1960s Florida”

Kimberly Wilmot Voss, University of Central Florida



Chair/Discussant: Michael Epple, Florida Gulf Coast University







Session 4b.Suwannee Room South.


Power and Society


“The Society Position of Native Americans, Slaves, and Women in French Illinois”

Amy Drewel, Florida State University


“’Factory Work is no More Difficult Than Housework’: United States Government and Magazine Propaganda During World War II”

Kelley Duda, Florida State University


“Political Pan-Africanism: The Impact of Global Factors”
Rebecca Shriver, Florida State University


Chair/Discussant: Richard Soash, Florida State University




3:30 p.m. Session 5


Session 5a.Santa Fe Room.


19th Century US Social History


“’For the Use and Benefit of the People’: The Intersection of Indian Lands, Conservation, and Federal Policy”

Richard Soash, Florida State University


“Property Rights and Suffrage for Women: An Inextricable Campaign Against the ‘Anti-Republican” Doctrines of Marital Unity and Virtual Representation, 1840s-1870s”

Patricia Farless, University of Central Florida


Chair/Discussant: Kim Voss, University of Central Florida






Session 5b.Suwannee Room South.


Perspectives on the History of India


“Questioning the British Raj: Determining Administrative Efficiency Through an Agricultural Lens”

Lydia Dumais, New College of Florida


“Hunting and British Hunters in Colonial India, 1900-1947: New Technology, Humanitarian Hunters, and Growing Conservationist Awareness”

Fiona Mani, West Virginia University


Chair/Discussant: Blaine Browne, Broward College






5:30 p.m. Cocktails and light refreshments in the Suwannee Room South.


6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Banquet in the Suwannee Room South


Welcoming Remarks: Dr. Blaine Browne, Broward College

President, Florida Conference of Historians 2011-2012


FCH Journal Remarks: Dr. Michael Epple, Florida Gulf Coast University


Introduction of Keynote Speaker: Dr. Sean McMahon, Florida Gateway College



Keynote Speaker: Dr. Paul Ortiz, Director of the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program and Professor of History, University of Florida. A veteran of the United States Army, Dr. Ortiz earned his Ph.D. in History from Duke University in 2000. He previously taught at Duke and at the University of California-Santa Cruz. His book Emancipation Betrayed: The Hidden History of Black Organizing and White Violence in Florida from Reconstruction to the Bloody Election of 1920 was published by the University of California Press. He has won awards from the Southern Regional Council and from the Florida Historical Society. 

Dr. Ortiz’s lecture is “What’s Wrong With Florida?”


Description: ortiz

Saturday, February 25, 2012

7:30 a.m. Complimentary Continental Breakfast, Hotel Lobby

Conference Registration Continues in the Lobby


8:30 a.m. Session 6


Session 6a.Santa Fe Room.

“A Fight For What’s Right” Gender, Power, and Identity in Superhero Comics


“Comic Book Nurses: A Barometer of Mid-Twentieth Century Gender Attitudes”

Christopher J. Hayton, Florida State University


“’Martha Washington’: A Round the Way Hero”

Grace Gipson, Georgia State University


Chair/Discussant: Julian Chambliss, Rollins College



Session 6b.Suwannee Room South.


A Celebration of Young Scholars: Emerging Scholarship on the Nineteenth and Twentieth Century


“Selling Florida: The Movement Toward Collective Marketing of Florida Citrus, 1890-1950”

Holly Bennett, Florida Southern College


“Samuel Adams and the Boston Beer Company: A Story of American Innovation”

Shawn Marler, Florida Southern College


“My Fair Malady: Female Hysteria and Medical Practice in the Nineteenth Century”

Amy Jackson, Wesleyan College


Chair: Frank Hodges, Florida Southern College

Discussant: Karen E. Huber, Wesleyan College













10:00 a.m. Session 7


Session 7a.Santa Fe Room.

More than Meets the Eye: Exploring Exploring Identities in Comic Media


“Where is the Black Panther From? Wakanda and the Question of Post-Colonialism in Marvel Comics”

Julian Chambliss, Rollins College


“Costume Technology Representation of Superheroes’ Costume in Cinematic Cases”

Rimbault Sylvain, CRICC (Paris)


Chair/Discussant: David Proctor, Tallahassee Community College



Session 7b.Suwannee Room South.

European Intellectual History


“Beheading Saintliness: The Limited Altruism of Thomas More and Anne Boleyn”

Niki Incorvia, Nova Southeastern University


“On the Neitzschean Mechanics of Mythmaking”

Lucas Ballestin, New College of Florida


“Slavery and Progress: The Colonial Enlightenment of Pierre-Victor Malouet
David Harvey, New College of Florida


Chair/Discussant: Marco Rimanelli, St Leos University




11:30 a.m. Session 8


Session 8a.Santa Fe Room.

If Ye Be Worthy: Culture, Race, and Identity in Superhero Comic Media


“’Maybe the Costume is in Bad Taste’: Race and Masculinity in Ultimate Spider-Man

Wylie Lenz and Rachel Riley, University of Florida


“Nothing Goldar Can Stay: The Rise and Fall of a Manga Superhero in America”

Kimiko Akita, University of Central Florida

Richard Kenney, Florida Gulf Coast University


Chair/Discussant: Julian Chambliss, Rollins College



Session 8b.Suwannee Room South.

Military History



“Jacksonville and Camp Blanding, 1939 – 1945”

Anthony Atwood, Florida International University


“The Embedded Press Revolution: Cooperation, Comaraderie, and the New Military-Press Relationship”

Andrew J. McLaughlin, University of Waterloo


“Napoleonic Strategy and Cavalry Warfare Under Murat”

Marco Rimanelli, St Leos University



Chair/Discussant: Jack McTague, St Leos University




1:00 p.m. Conclusion of Conference Activities


See you next year in Sarasota for the

53rd Annual Florida Conference of Historians – hosted by Dr. David Harvey and the New College of Florida.