Florida Conference of Historians

2007 Annual Program



Florida Conference of Historians 2007 Program

Friday, March 16th

Morning Session I: 8:30-10:00


Meeting Room 1

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Title: Rethinking Conflict and Government Action

Chair: Joseph Patrouch

Participant 1: “Arab State Peace Overtures Since 1949 and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict,” Dr. John J. McTague

Participant 2: “The Phantom in Bosnia Herzegovina Revolt 1875,” Dr. Azlizan Binti Mat Enh

Participant 3: “The Holy Roman Empire Two Hundred Years After: Model for European Integration?” Joseph F. Patrouch

Title: Florida Environmental History from 19th century to the Present

Chair: TBA

Participant 1: “South Florida, International Circulations, Technology, and Expansion of Empire in the Late 19th Century,” Martha L. Reiner

Participant 2: “Take Me to the River: Pollution and Reform in Jacksonville , Florida, 1945 to 1995,” Charles E. Closmann

Participant 3: “Preserving Paradise – Reefs and Human Policy,” Jeanie Clark

Discussant: TBA

Title: Violence and Race in Twentieth Century America

Chair: Alan Petigny

Participant 1: “White Community Reaction to White-on-Black Rape In Mid-20th Century America,” Heather Bryson

Participant 2: “Black Self-Defense in the Era of Jim Crow,” Andrew Ameron

Participant 3: “Black Militancy in the Postwar Era,” Andrew Baer

Discussant: Robert Cassanello & Robert Fleegler


Morning Session II: 10:15-11:45

Meeting Room 1

Meeting Room 2

Meeting Room 3

Title: Re-thinking Political and Labor Movements in the Americas

Chair: Jesse Hingson

Participant 1: “‘A Political Exile Has No Definite Plans’: Jacobo Arbenz, Leftist Movements, and Inter-American Relations after Guatemala, 1954-1971,” Trey Bernard

Participant 2: “Cigars, Revolution, Labor, Race, and Gender: The Rise of Tampa’s Cuban Cultural Heritage 1868-1969,” Richard A. Ramos

Participant 3: “Nonviolent Indigenous Political Movements and the Guatemalan Peace Process,” Ryan Boyer

Discussant: Nicola Foote

Title: Popular Culture and  Community development

Chair: Denise Cummings

Participant 1: “Exploring Context & Crafting Perception: Selling the Consumption Ethos in Winter Park’s Colony Theatre,” Julian C. Chambliss

Participant 2: “Behind the Box Office: The Function of Archiving in the Revelation of a Forgotten Historical Past,” Hilary Serra

Participant 3: “Migrant Chewa Identities and Their Construction Through Gule Wamkulu Dances in Zimbabwe,” Anusa Daimon

Discussant: Jay Clarke

Title: Civil Right Activism in the 20th Century

Chair: Daniel R. Vogel

Participant 1: “The "Jewel" of the South? The Miami Chapter of the NAACP's Struggle for Civil Rights in America's Vacation Paradise,”  Chanelle Rose

Participant 2: “‘More Negotiation and Less Demonstrations’: The NAACP, SCLC, and Racial Conflict in Pensacola, 1970-1978,” Mike Butler

Participant 3: 20th Century Civil Rights, (?) Henry James Butler

Discussant: Alan Petigny


Afternoon Session I: 2:30-4:00

Meeting Room 1

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Meeting Room 3

Title: Shaping Identity: Education and Traditions Across Boundaries

Chair: TBA

Participant 1: “The 1960s as a Period of Political (In)activity in the Black Education,” Quintin T. Koetaan & Chitja Twala

Participant 2: “New Florida, Old Florida: School Segregation, Desegregation, Resegregation in Florida, 1959-2000,” Caroline Emmons

Participant 3: “Trials on the Trail: Maintaining Tradition During the Cherokee’s Forced Removal,” Dawn Hutchins

Discussant: Heather Parker


Chair: TBA

Participant 1: “A NGO and the Birth of a Nation: American Labor’s Assistance in the Establishment of the State of Israel, 1923-194,” Adam Howard

Participant 2: “Demography as History in Florida,” Anthony Atwood

Participant 3: “Second Seminole Indian War,” Kevin Kokomoor

Discussant: TBA

Title: Cold War Fallout: Race, Public Policy, and the Bomb

Chair: TBA

Participant 1: “From Harlem to Hiroshima: The African American Response to the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki,” Vincent Intondi

Participant 2: “‘Modern Man is Obsolete’: Norman Cousins, World Federalism and the Movement to Ban the Bomb,” Blaine T. Brown

Participant: “Red Scare in the Sunshine State: Anti-Communism and Academic Freedom in Florida Public Schools 1945-1960,” Bob Dahlgren

Discussant: Jack McTague



Afternoon Session II: 4:15-5:45

Meeting Room 1

Meeting Room 2

Meeting Room 3

Title: Re-imagined Floridian Identity

Chair: TBA

Participant 1: “The Seminoles in Florida Between 1881 and 1917: White Perception and Indian Reality,” Albert D. Gonzalez

Participant 2: “From Romantic Paradise to Tourist Destination: Representations of the Florida Indian,” Wendy Adams King

Participant 3: “Through the Eyes of a Mouse: Disney’s Influence on American Self Image and Historical Perspective,” Daniel R. Vogel

Discussant: TBA

Title: Cross Creek: An Ethical Guide for Seeing and Restoring Florida’s Natural Environment

Chair: TBA

Participant 1: Cross Creek, Bill Belleville

Participant 2: Leslie Poole

Participant 3: Dr. Bruce Stephenson

Discussant: TBA

Title: The “other’ in World War II Discourse

Chair: Jay Clarke

Participant 1: “A Japanese Scoundrel’s Skin Game in Ethiopia and Diplomatic Complications Before the Italo-Ethiopian War,” Jay Clarke

Participant 2: “The Empire Mica: A Study of the Sinking of the British Tanker by a German U-Boat Near Cape San Blas, Florida,” Betty Sample

Participant 3: “The Question of Nazi Modernity,” Alexander Mosca

Discussant: TBA




Friday Night Dinner: 8:00pm

Jack Davis, “Paradise Lost?” Reflection on Florida’s Environmental History


Saturday, March 17th Morning Session I: 8:30-10:00

Meeting Room 1

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Meeting Room 3

Title: Outside the Text: Moving Beyond the Written Word in Modern European History

Chair: Rebecca Bates

Participant 1: “Temptation for Innovation: Exploring Relationships in German and English Trade in Brewing and Pottery,” Brenda Hornsby

Participant 2: “Threads in a Fabric: A Documentary of World War I,” Sarah Ramsey

Participant 3: “Condemned to Repeat It?: A Documentary Exploring the Memorials of Victory and Loss at Omaha Beach and Auschwitz-Birkenau,” Sara Eileen Rhatican

Discussant: Rebecca Bates

Title: Politic and Power in the New South

Chair: TBA

Participant 1: “‘The Day is Past and Gone’: Thomas Van Renssalaer Gibbs and the Struggle for Equality in Post-Reconstructed Florida, 1874-1899,” Lee Williams, Jr.

Participant 2: “The Rise of the Republican Party in Bibb County, Georgia,” Justin Krautkremer

Participant 3: “In the Spirit of the Games: Money, Power, and the Politics of the 1980 Olympic Boycott,” Wade Berstler

Title: TBA

Chair: TBA

Participant 1: “The Upper Amazonian Rubber Boom and Indigenous Rights 1900-1925,” Ingrid Fernandez

Participant 2: “Intellectual Debates about the Chilean State’s Occupation and Incorporation of Mapuche Territory,” Joanna Crow

Participant 3: “Revisiting the ‘Cycle of Resistance’: Indigenous Protest in Andean Ecuador 1920-1940,” Nicola Foote

Discussant: TBA

Morning Session II: 10:15-11:45

Meeting Room 1

Meeting Room 2

Meeting Room 3

Title: Redefining  the Framework for Women’s Role in 20th Century

Chair: TBA

Participant 1: “Use It Up.  Wear It Out.  Make It Do, or Do Without!” Kelly Cantrell

Participant 2: “Deconstructing the Binary Interpretation of the First Women’s Movement,” Patricia L. Farless

Discussant: TBA

Title: Politics , Religion, and Power on the Borderlands

Chair: TBA

Participant 1: “Generation Plantation or Charter?: A Comparison of South Carolina from 1670-1776,” Ginny Jones

Participant 2: “Calusa Indians and Spanish Missionaries,” Carmen Lopez-Jordan

Participant 3: “The Church in the Wilderness: William Miller’s Sectarian Ideal in the Second Great Awakening,” Matt McCook

Participant 4: “First Son of Colonial British St. Augustine: The Life and Times of Colonel James Grant Forbes,” Deborah L. Bauer

Title: Religion and Ancient Society

Chair: TBA

Participant 1: “Adornments in the Ancient Greco-Roman World and Yorubaland,” Dr. Olakunbi Olasope

Participant 2: “Christianity and the Pagan: Comparisons of Religious Dogma in Late Roman Antiquity and New World Spanish Colonialism,” Rhianna C. Rogers & Jennifer L. Blank

Participant 3: “History of Nestorian Christianity in Central Asia ,” Ulugbek Temirov

Discussant: TBA


Saturday, March 17th

Afternoon Session I: 2:30-4:00

Meeting Room 1

Meeting Room 2

Meeting Room 3

Title: Understanding Monuments: Race, Class, and Gender through the Built Environment

Chair: Patricia L. Farless

Participant 1: Reading Thomas Jefferson’s Heads,” M. M. Lovell

Participant 2: “Hollywood Forever: Situating History and Memory in the Cemetery,” Linda Levitt

Participant 3: “The Effect of Segregation on Funerals,” Kathy Parry

Discussant: TBA

Title: The Postwar Political Landscape

Chair: William Link

Participant 1: “A Nation of Morons: The Rhetorical Dimensions of Republican Factionalism, 1944-1953,” Michael Bowen

Participant 2: "Texas Two-Step: Anti-Liberalism, Scandal, and the Demise of Lone Star State Partisan Loyalties, 1971-1974,"  Sean Cunningham

Participant 3: “Deep In the Heart: The Failure of Liberalism in Postwar Texas,” Steve Gallagher

Discussant: William Link

Title: Pirates, Rebels, and Revolutionaries: Conflict and Conviction  around the World

Chair: TBA

Participant 1: “Pirates Rajas?: The East India Company’s Perception of the Angres 1700-1756,” Neel Amin

Participant 2: “For Such a Time as This: John Dury, Jean-Baptiste Stouppe, and Cromwellian Diplomacy,” Ronald A. Johnson

Participant 3: “Social Aspects in Interpreting French Revolution, 1789,” Dr. Abha Trivedi

Discussant: TBA





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