Florida Conference of Historians

2006 Annual Program




Hosted by

Joseph F. Patrouch

Florida International University

Miami, Florida


Thursday, May 4


6:00-8:00 P.M.

Registration and Cash-Bar Reception

Blue Moon Hotel


Friday, May 5


8:30: Registration


9:00-10:15: Morning Panels I


Session I-A: Are We There Yet? Temporality, Identity and Tourism in Florida



“The Once and Future Past: Constructions of History at Silver Springs

Wendy Adams King, USF, Chair and Presenter


Touring NASA: Communicating Triumph and Tragedy

Linda Levitt, USF 


“Independence and Dependence: Diving in Key Largo, Florida”

            Cara Mackie, USF


Session I-B: Themes and Sources Concerning the Histories of Miami and Miami Beach

Sponsored by the Miami Beach Historical Association

Conference Room


"Miami Beach in 1930: A View from the Census"
              Abraham Lavender, FIU, Chair and Presenter 
“On the Care and Feeding of a Miami Memorabilia Collection"
               Seth Bramson, FIU 

“Camp Miami Beach WW2

   Judith Berson-Levinson, Independent Scholar


“The City of Miami Beach Historical Records Archives Project”
               Liliam Hatfield, City of Miami Beach 


Session I-C: The World of Dreams and Fairs



Rebecca Friedman, FIU, Chair and Commentator


“Romania at pre-World War II World Fairs”

Nicolae Harsanyi, Wolfsonian-FIU


“The Dream Merchants’ Florida Dreams: Irony and the Circus Come to Florida”

Allen S. Miller, USF


10:30: Coffee Break

10:45-12:00: Morning Panels II

Session II-A: Conflict and Consensus in Modern Florida
Conference Room
Sherry Johnson, FIU, Chair

Sean MacMahon, Lake City Community College, Commentator


“Before Walt Arrived: Florida’s Ill-Fated Attempt to Build INTERAMA Theme Park”

Michael Hoover, Seminole Community College


“”’Catastrophe' seen if sewer suit wins”: Dade County's Regional Sewage Solution v. Municipal Resistance, 1971-1974”

Marlin Kann, FIU


Camp Biscayne, 1914-1924:  The Sporting Set Sets Sail”

Susannah Worth, Barnacle Historic State Park







Session II-B: In Pursuit of Pleasure: Schultze & Weaver and the American Hotel

Sponsored by the Wolfsonian-FIU (includes a tour of the exhibition)



Jon Mogul Wolfsonian-FIU; Marianne Lamonaca, Wolfsonian-FIU; Robin Bachin, University of Miami; Kenneth Lipartito, FIU;  Keith Revell, FIU


12:15: Lunch on your own. FCH annual business meeting in the Dynamo Café, Wolfsonian-FIU. 


1:30-2:45: Afternoon Panels III


Session III-A: Community Planning and Progress in the (Post) Modern US



Michael Epple, FGCU, Chair and Commentator


“The Contention between Community and Society: Reflected in New York City, Miami, and Historic Preservation”

Anthony Atwood, FIU


“Progressive Ideas and City Planning Realities: J. Horace McFarland, the American Civic Association, and the Pursuit of Beautification”

            Julian C. Chambliss, Rollins College


Session III-B: Performance and Rule in the Early Modern World



Joseph F. Patrouch, FIU, Chair and Commentator


“Maria de’ Medici: a Muse or a Strategist? How Opera, Painting, and Chronicle Investigate the Theme of Agency”

Antonietta DiPietro, FIU 


“A Fallen Favorite in the Court of Phillip III of Spain (1598-1621): The Role of Fortuna in the Textual Representation of Rodrigo Calderón’s privanza and Death”

Silvia Mitchell, FIU


"Diverse Affiliations in the City of Angeles: Promoting Urban Identity in Eighteenth -Century Puebla, Mexico"  

Frances L. Ramos, Western Michigan University


3:00: Coffee Break




3:15-4:30: Afternoon Panels IV


Session IV-A: The Middle East, Then & Now



Blaine Browne, Broward Community College, Chair and Commentator


“Hamas 2006 and Likud 1977: Terrorists Win at the Polls”

John J. McTague, Saint Leo University


“Geo-Strategic Lessons Learned After the II Gulf War against Iraq: US & International Interests in the Middle East/Gulf”

Marco Rimanelli, Saint Leo University


Session IV-B: Pre-Modern Archeology and FIU History

Sponsored by the Working Group for Pre-Modern Histories and Cultures, FIU



“Yotvata: a Roman Beau Geste?"

Gwyn Davies, FIU, Chair and Presenter


‘Handmaidens’: History and Historical Archaeology in the Colonial Chesapeake”

John Coombs, FIU


The Making of Oyo Empire during the Atlantic Age: Archaeological Perspectives from West Africa"

Akin Ogundiran, FIU


5:45: Reception

Sponsored by the Working Group for Pre-Modern Histories and Cultures, FIU

2nd Floor Reception Hall

Welcoming Remarks:  Luis R. Garcia, Jr., City Commissioner, City of Miami Beach; Joyce Shaw Peterson, Associate Dean, FIU College of Arts and Sciences; Victor Uribe, Chair, Department of History, FIU; Gwyn Davies, Coordinator, Working Group for Pre-Modern Histories and Cultures, FIU


6:30: Banquet

2nd Floor Reception Hall


7:30: Campbell Award Announcement and Presentation of Selected Annual Proceedings of the Florida Conference of Historians, Volume 13.

Joseph F. Patrouch, Chair, Campbell Award Committee and Editor, Selected Annual Proceedings

Comments and recognition of new FCH president: Sean McMahon, Immediate Past President, FCH


Keynote Address:


Ryan J. Wheeler, Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research,


“The People Who Met Ponce de Leon--the Tequesta in Florida History"


Saturday, May 6


9:00-10:15: Morning Panels V


Session V-A: Conceptualizing Otherness



Aurora Morcillo, FIU, Chair and Commentator


“Forging an Alliance of the “Colored Peoples” of the World: Ethiopia’s Foreign Minister Heruy’s Mission to Japan, 1931”

J. Calvitt Clarke, III, Jacksonville University


An African Tree Produces White Flowers: Black Consciousness in the Argentine Community, 19th and 20th centuries”

Erika D. Edwards, FIU


Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s and Susan B. Anthony’s Dual Strategy of ‘Other’ and ‘Privilege’ in The Revolution

Patrica Farless, UCF/UF  


“Raising Our Own Voice: Documenting Latino/a Church History in the USA”

Raúl Fernández-Calienes, St. Thomas University


Session V-B: American Foreign Policy and the Cold War



David Proctor, Tallahassee Community College, Chair and Commentator


“The American Nation and the Eisenhower Doctrine, 1957-1958”

Bernard Lemelin, Laval University


“Reversing the Course: The Philippine-American Trade Agreement of 1946”

Steven D. Macisaac, Jacksonville University


"Cobalt, Southern Africa, and the United States: American - Soviet Clash for Raw Materials in Zaire and Angola, 1945-1988"

Omer Subhani, FIU



10:30: Coffee Break


10:45: Morning Panels VI


Session VI-A:  20th-Century US: Best and Worst



Alex Lichtenstein, Rice University, Chair and Commentator


“McCarthyist Conservatism: The Johns Committee Probe into the NAACP”

Chris Day, FSU


“Bishop Fulton J. Sheen and the Great Depression in America”

Michael Epple, FGCU


The Dilemma of a Southern Liberal: Claude D. Pepper and Civil Rights”

Ric A. Kabat, Gainesville State College


“Crusade in the Sunshine: Political Immorality in Florida, 1956-1960”

Seth A. Weitz, FSU


Session VI-B: Threatening Nature: Military Life in Florida



Howard Rock, FIU, Chair and Commentator


"Gators, Sand Fleas, Mosquitos and Tallahassee: Life in Camp Gordon Johnston, 1942-1946."
               Jon Mikolashek, FSU 
12:15: Conference is Adjourned