Florida Conference of Historians

2005 Annual Program




Hosted by

Jennifer Trost

Saint Leo University

Saint Leo, Florida


Thursday, March 17


6:00-8:00 P.M.


Florida Room


Friday, March 18


8:00 A.M.

Continental Breakfast


Book Exhibits

Florida Room


8:30-10:00 A.M.


Session 1: Religion in the South

Tampa Room I


“Politics in the Pews: East Tennessee’s Religious Conflicts During and After the Civil

War “

Michael Taylor, University of Tennessee


“David Levy Yulee: Conflict and Continuity in Religious Identity”

Maury Wiseman, University of Florida


Session 2: Race and Nationalism in the Americas

Tampa Room II


Chair: Jack McTague, Saint Leo University

“A Single Universe: Cuban Cigar Makers in Havana and South Florida, 1853-1899”

Evan Daniel, New School for Social Research


Race and Racialization in Canada: Stories and Their Reconstruction Over 137 Years “

Lea Caragata, Wilfrid Laurier University


“Soccer, Race, Politics and National Identity in Brazil During the Pelé Era: 1958-1970”

R. Michael Booker, University of Tennessee


10:30-12:00 A.M.


Session 3: Religion and Trade in Europe

Clearwater Room


Chair: David Mock, Tallahassee Community College


“‘The Riotous Assembly’: The British East India Company as a Foundation of British

Economic Imperialism”

Leslie Schumacher, Hamline University


Francis of Assisi Among the Saracens”

Brad Pardue, University of Tennessee


“A Queen’s Piety: Elizabeth of Habsburg and the Veneration of Saints

Joseph Patrouch, Florida International University


Session 4: War and Media Coverage

Tampa Room I


Chair: Jack McTague, Saint Leo University


“Cold War Newspaper Coverage in Northeast Ohio

Michael J. Epple, Florida Gulf Coast University


“A Visual Conversation: Mainstream and Alternative American Media Images During

Wartime, 1898-1918”

Denise Spivey, Florida State University


Session 5: Government and Citizenship in Florida

Tampa Room II


Chair: Sean McMahon, Lake City Community College


Confederate Conscription in Florida, 1862-1865”

R. Boyd Murphree, Florida State University





“Importing Republicanism: Migration and the Florida Republican Party in the Postwar


Michael Bowen, University of Florida


The Great Society in Central Florida: Struggle Over Orange County’s Community

Action Program, 1966-1968”

Michael Hoover, Seminole Community College


12:00-1:30 p.m. Lunch on your own, FCH Working Lunch and Annual Business



1:30-3:00 P.M.


Session 6: Historic Preservation and Urban Planning

Clearwater Room


Chair: Robert Kerstein, University of Tampa


“Beautification and Regional Identity: Conflict and Compromise in Chicago and Atlanta

during the City Beautiful Movement “

Julian C. Chambliss, Rollins College


The Once and Future NAS Richmond Project”

Anthony D. Atwood, Florida International University


Save Our History: The Political Battle to Save Florida’s Old Capitol Building”

Seth A. Weitz, Florida State University


Session 7: Designing History: The Cross Florida Greenway as a Community and Classroom Resource

Tampa Room I


Chair: Jennifer Trost, Saint Leo University


“Using Local History in the High School Classroom”

Chris Beckmann, Oak Hall School


“Local Subject, Broad Issues: Using the Cross Florida Barge Canal to Examine Twentieth Century Environmental and Political History”

Steven Noll, University of Florida


“Developing an Interdisciplinary Course on Florida’s History and Environment”

David Tegeder, Santa Fe Community College




Session 8: U.S. Foreign Policy in the Cold War Era

Tampa Room II


Chair: David Proctor, Tallahassee Community College


Hans Morgenthau; The Evolution of a Political Activist”

Brian Keaney, University of South Florida


“Journalist Felix Morley and U.S. Foreign Policy, 1945-1960”

Bernard Lemelin, Laval University


“Riddles of Empire: Wilsonianism, Self-Determination, and Race in Modern American


Jason Parker, West Virginia University


3:30-5:00 P.M.


Session 9:  Race and Identity in Florida

Clearwater Room


“Did Slaves Have Free Will? Luke, a Slave, v. Florida and Crime at the Command of the


Craig Buettinger, Jacksonville University


“’Sneaking Curs’ and ‘Negro Brutes’: Official Transcripts of Racial Otherness in

Tampa, Florida, 1890-1920”

Dennis P. Halpin and Jared G. Toney, University of South Florida


“An Historical Perspective on Public School Desegregation in Florida: Lessons From the

Past for the Present”

Irvin D. S. Winsboro, Florida Gulf Coast University


Session 10: Protest and Education in Asia

Tampa Room I


Chair: Maria Rost Rublee, University of Tampa


“On the Perceived Value of Studying American History by University Students: A Cross-

Cultural Comparison”

Daniel Robison, Troy University


The Tydings-Kocialkowski Act of 1939 and the Demise of a Development Coalition in the Philippines”

Steve MacIsaac, Jacksonville University


Historical Beginnings of Modern Protest in North and South Korea”

Dennis Hart, Kent State University


Session 11:  Monarchs and Revolution in Turn-of-the-Century Europe

Tampa Room II


Chair: David Richards, Lake City Community College


“Reasons for the Gradual Decline of the British Aristocracy in the Long Nineteenth


Chris M. Tenn, Florida Gulf Coast University


“Changing Working Conditions of British Children in the Working Class During the

Industrial Revolution”

Scott Ortolano, Florida Gulf Coast University


“The Radical English Press and the Trial of Louis XVI”

David B. Mock, Tallahassee Community College


6:00 P.M. Cocktails

Bayside Terrace

Welcome from Dr. Arthur F. Kirk Jr., President of Saint Leo University


7:00 P.M. Banquet and Keynote speech

Bayside Terrace Tent


“How Tampa Women Have Changed American Women’s History”

Nancy A. Hewitt, Rutgers University


Saturday, March 19


8:00 A.M.

Continental Breakfast


Book Exhibits

Florida Room


8:30-10:00 A.M.


Session 12: The Civil War on the Silver Screen

Clearwater Room


Chair: Robert Snyder, University of South Florida


Clods and Generals: Why Hollywood Cannot Make a Good Civil War Movie”

Chad Morgan, Independent Scholar


The Evolution of the Civil War Films”

William Russell, Florida State University


Session 13: Migration and Culture in the Atlantic World

Tampa Room I


Chair: Philip Levy, University of South Florida


Reproduction and Resistance: Medicine Under the Virginia London Company, 1607- 1624”

Michele Hinton Riley, Saint Louis University


“Freedom at Christmas: Andrew Gue, Black Maritime Communication Networks, and the Underground Railroad in the Bahamas”

Frank Marotti, Cheyney University


“The ‘I’ in History: An Historian’s Self-Indulgent Foray into Family History--The

Calverts from France to the American Frontier”

Jay Clarke, Jacksonville University


Session 14: American and German Military History

Tampa Room II


Chair: David Jervis, Saint Leo University


“Hitler’s “Stand Fast” Orders and the Defeat of Army Group Center in 1944

Lee Baker, University of Cincinnati, Raymond Walters College


The Union’s Strategy and History of Holding Fort Pickens in 1861”

John M. Brackett, Florida State University


Between Liberation and Repatriation: The American Administration of Post-Liberation Buchenwald”

Henry Staruk, University of Tennessee


10:30-12:00 A.M.


Session 15: Sexuality and Southern Responses

Clearwater Room


Chair: David Johnson, University of South Florida


Bathing Beauties, Citrus Queens, and Royal Reactionaries: Florida Beauty Pageants, 1920s-1972”

Crista Hosmer, Florida State University


“A Veritable Refuge for Practicing Homosexuals”: The Johns Committee and the

Persecution of Homosexuals at the University of South Florida”

Daniel Bertwell, University of South Florida


Good Girls, Bad Girls and Wicked Men: Prostitution and Small Town Values in 20th Century Texas”

Patricia Norred Derr, Kutztown University


Session 16: Race Relations in Higher Education

Tampa Room I


Chair: Irvin D. S. Winsboro, Florida Gulf Coast University


Talking Sense: The Race Relations Institutes of Fisk University, 1944-1970

Keith W. Berry, Hillsborough Community College


Crucibles of Leadership: Army ROTC and America’s Historically Black Colleges in the

South, 1948-1968”

Michael E. Long, Pasco-Hernando Community College


“A Memoir of Notre Dame Law School, 1970-1973: Jock M. Smith’s Climbing Jacob’s


George S. Swan, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University


Session 17: Life of American Soldiers

Tampa Room II


Chair: Robert Ingalls, University of South Florida


“’Remarkably Productive Civilians’: The G.I. Bill and the ‘Silent Majority’ of

Successful Vietnam Veterans

Mark Boulton, University of Tennessee


Bands in Combat During the American Civil War”

James A. Davis, SUNY-College at Fredonia



Conference is Adjourned.



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